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half of me is like ‘lets get a billion tattoos and wear killer heels and sharp eyeliner and red lipstick and leather jackets and dye my hair super bright colors’

and the other half is ‘lets wear pastel dresses and cardigans and ballet flats and play ukulele and wear cute jewelry’

and i think that pretty much sums up my entire existence

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james turning down every hogsmeade invitation by telling them he’s going stag

Sirius spreading a rumour that he has a cat just so when people ask him about it he can go, “Nah, I’m a dog person.”

Peter being loud so when a teacher chews him out, he can promise to be “quiet as a mouse”

Remus turning into a fucking werewolf

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ʖ haha got ur nose

( ͡°_ ͡°)

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people who bite ice cream with their front teeth are on a whole different level

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The season of leg shaving is upon us.

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