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Having extensive knowledge on books you’ve never read because of tumblr

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a day before a test and the only question i have is what did we learn

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if you ever feel unappreciated this Christmas i got my 17 year old brother the PS4 and he gave me a bag of pretzels

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when the whole squad thicc as hell


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'The Mortal Instruments' TV series update


‘The Mortal Instruments’ TV series update



Thanks to our friend Nadine at TMI Germany we have Martin Moszkowicz’ interview with the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” where he talks about The Mortal Instruments being turned into a TV series.

What we already knew from The Hollywood Reporter:

  • Ed Decter is the showrunner
  • the series is currently under development and will begin production next year
  • no broadcast partners are yet attached

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